What tools do you use to organize your Gmail boxes?

Riia Jarvenpaa
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Several options exist, and I have tested a few. You know this OMG feeling, when you have several projects going on and receive 200 emails with hundreds of attachments within a few hours. It would be nice to find a solution to help me sort them out. I used to download complicated threads containing many attachments to third-party apps and sort them there, however the integrations are not working at the moment at least here in Finland - due to changes Google made this year to their security policy.


Nabeel Amir
Gmail itself has alot features to organize your emails. You can do the following to organize your gmail inbox. Select Your Layout to Organize Gmail Add a Preview Pane to Organize Gmail Create Custom Labels and Folders to Organize Gmail Create Filters to Organize Gmail Use Send and Archive Feature to Organize Gmail
Riia Jarvenpaa
@nabeel_amir thanks! I'm quite familiar with those, and almost all my mails get filtered and labeled automatically. I guess I was not clear what is my actual problem: to process these mails to action points, put deadlines, annotate the PDF's, take figures out of mails and attachments and put to databases to keep track who has said what and when and by which prize. Yes I unfortunately get a lot of numbers by mail since I'm doing things with NGO's and volunteers.
Amanda B
Ever heard of Streak? It helps me manage my leads and follow through with each one right in my Gmail account. It keeps me organized, reminds me when to follow up with leads, and puts all the historical information I need for my client and prospect interactions in one place. Love, love, love it! You can try it for free here: https://bit.ly/3NzEgYO It only takes 30 seconds to get started.
Riia Jarvenpaa
@amanda_b2 thanks, I'll give Streak a go. I tried a similar solution earlier but the pricing plan was out of my current scope as I'm on a study leave for PhD from my day job for some more months.
I used gmail tabs for a while for hot spot projects but stopped.