What tools do you use for managing product feedback and keeping a public roadmap? 🚏

Zeynep Serra Avan
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There are several great tools I have played around with so far, for collecting, categorizing, and prioritizing product feedback and showcasing a public roadmap. Which one do you use -with the pros and cons? 🤓


Aaron O'Leary
I've used Productboard and public Trello boards before. I can't really speak on the pros and cons of either but I typically went with Trello for one main reason: I'm using Trello anyway so may as well use it for a public roadmap!
Zeynep Serra Avan
@aaronoleary Yes, Trello really is one of the most user-friendly project management tools. Great choice to go with when you have all-in-one. We are currently using Jira (atlassian.com/software/jira) for managing tasks and an internal roadmap and VoteKit (votekit.com) for collecting product feedback and keeping a public roadmap.
I'm seeing a lot of tools around this as well, curious to know which one you liked the most @serraavan
Zeynep Serra Avan
@palam_s You're right; pretty good services have been on the rise lately. I tried Nolt, Upvoty, VoteKit, and Canny more closely. We ultimately decided to use VoteKit (votekit.com) for managing in-app product feedback and a public roadmap for its ease and simplicity.
Pavel Kukhnavets
I have been using one tool for several yeras and this tool is GanttPRO. It allows to define your goals and deliverables and prepare a strategic plan with major steps you need to take in order to reach them - with a cozy roadmap, you can visualize all your strategic project management initiatives on a Gantt chart timeline right away.
Tommy De Rossi
For my roadmap website I used notaku.so, it uses a Notion database as CMS and is fully customizable (custom domain, logo, footer, font, background, etc) Notaku also let you embed the roadmap as a widget in your website (visit notaku.so for an example) Users can also vote your roadmap features so you know what feature your users want the most :)