What to do after the ProductHunt launch is over?

Fatima Rizwan
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I have seen a lot of advice on the internet regarding ProductHunt launch but what happens post launch is equally or Iโ€™d say more important. I am the Founder of Airschool.com, and we launched on ProductHunt earlier this week. We came #2 and got over 1000 upvotes (still counting). https://www.producthunt.com/post... Here is what we have been up to post launch. ๐Ÿ‘‡ 1. Reach out to people who upvoted you and thank them for their support. This includes people in your community, on PH and on social media who shared about you. 2. Share the outcome of your PH launch with your community. If you made it to top 5, maybe, mention that in your next newsletter. 3. Encourage people to continue to participate in your launch in the next few days. This can help you become product of the week, month etc. 4. If you acquired some new users, re-connect with them to remind about your PH-specific offer or just setup calls with them to get them going. 5. Continue to do the cohort analysis of people acquired through your launch and how they are reacting to you product. 6. Although the launch day is over, if people are asking questions on your PH page, donโ€™t forget to answer them. The process of launch has proven to be very helpful for us. Thank you everyone for your kind support and participation.


Csaba Kissi
For #3 just keep in mind it's not allowed to directly ask for an upvote. This is really important.
Fatima Rizwan
@csaba_kissi I agree. I encouraged people to participate and share feedback rather than asking for upvotes. Edited the post to reflect that.
Ruben Wolff
Agreed. The 3 things that come to my mind after launching a product would be to: - Use customer feedback to keep improving the product - Stay available for your community, keep answering questions, DMs, etc - Gain domain authority with SEO to increase your visibility and your reputation
Fatima Rizwan
@rubenwolff That's a great insight. Can you expand on SEO visibility?
Ruben Wolff
@fatimarizwan hahaha I'm still in the learning process about it, slowly but surely! So I can't tell you too much for now, but I'm trying to make good use of our blog (learning about keywords, site-building...) and to collaborate here and there on reputable websites via guest posting to backlink to our blog and basically show the google algorithm about our trustworthiness and authority.
Pablo Fatas
I think the most important thing is to use the momentum aquired and really try to kick off from there. At SigmaOS we have manage to retain a lot of our PH users. One way we did this is by encouraging people to join our slack and have an active community there. People who join the slack are much more likely to stay active and form a really solid base of users who regularly give feedback.
Isabel Nyo
Thank you @fatimarizwan, I've actually picked a few to-do from your list. Very helpful. I've also just launched CTO Toolkit and these are what I'm doing / planning to do: - Create content that talks about CTO Toolkit (Content Marketing) - Set up autoresponder for customers who purchased the product to remind them how to use it
Fajar Siddiq
Agree, nice tips Fatima. Next, you can look forward to the product of the day, week month. Most makers focus on the product of the day like top 1,2,3,4,5 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Feedback. Feedback. Feedback Engagement. Engagement. Engagement This is my best tip.
Rish A
Thanks for sharing this! I'd love to know more about what you've learnt through the cohort analysis. Did it reflect your insights/hypothesis of how customer personas would be?
Your information is very helpful