What tech bloggers do you know (YouTube, Fb, Instagram, etc)?

Julia Doronina
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Hello, everyone! We are planning to launch a marketing campaign on social networks and looking for great bloggers for collaboration in the IT field. Maybe you know or follow some English-speaking guys.


Inna Proshkina
Normally you need to narrow down your search to a specific field, not just "tech", like "cybersecurity" in your case.
Julia Doronina
@inna_proshkina Yes, of course, but sometimes it's good to observe more options because we have not only one product and for one of them I looking for IT bloggers who tell about different cool things such as data rooms, sharing platforms, and so on.
Anastasia Zaichko
Hi Julia, you can try https://buzzguru.com/ to discover bloggers and influencers on YouTube by filtering them according to your specific needs. It has free plan as well.