What subscription services do you pay for and why?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Yusuke Nishijima
Netflix due to Squid Game
Kartikay Sharma
Oh Man, I use soo many subscriptions πŸ˜… 1. Netflix for the amazing experience and diversified web series. 2. Amazon for Prime services, discounts and early delivery. 3. Notion for Notion web and task management. 4. Google Workspace for Google products for the team. 5. Typeform for smooth and seamless data collection. 6. Calendly for scheduling calls.
sachin londhe
Netflix for amazing content and YouTube premium for the best recommendations engine
Nimrod Popper
@sachin_londhe7 Do you feel like YouTube premium has been worth it? I hadnt considered the recommendation engine aspect of it.
Omg I have a very long list: Email JS Super.so Notion Gsuite RSS MORFLAX.COM Calendly MEE6(Loll very big mistake) GOOGLE STORAGE Domain Subs Netflix Amazon
Alexander Serdyuk
@randras_1 Hello! You have a lot of subscriptions, how do you control them?
Christine Renee
1. IFTTT (poor man's Zapier) 2. YouTube Premium (because I've been doing a lot of video curation for a project I'm working on and those ads were slowing me down) 3. Mailchimp 4. Netflix 5. Adobe Creative Cloud Until recently I also had Hulu and Amazon prime but I try to drop subscriptions if I'm either using them too much and need to break the habit or not enough to be worth it.
YES google ADS Mailchimp Netflix
Dmitry Chourpo
Sooo many, but these are the most important: 1. Active Campaign - send email campaigns and automation 2. Sendgrid / Twillio - send transactional emails and SMS 3. Notion - organise my tasks 4. Calendly - book meetings 5. Google Workplace - business emails and google doc And probably another 20 more πŸ˜ƒ
LastPass - Password management Apple Cloud Storage - All my docs and photos SideProjectors - To promote my side projects Youtube Premium - Ad less and background play Medium - Tech articles OpenAI - For my generately.ai product
Professionally for the email as it includes our CRM as well, we use Sendinblue, For the website - we used free wordpress for a while but then we felt the need to get the paid version and Qinaps cloud provider OVH :) the road mapping tool - LoopedIn Personally for Netflix and Amazonprime :) We are looking for a good tool for starting integrated campaigns - any recos??
As an individual or as a company? Few as a company: 1. Google Workspace for Google products for the team. 2. Slack for team communication 3. EasyCron for managing cron jobs easily. 4. Adobe Photoshop a few more. As an individual 1. Netflix 2. Amazon Prime
Sarah Wright
I see many of mine here, but I'll add the New York Times and Every!
I pay for VSCO and Spotify. I like editing photos with VSCO, there are really great filters and editing options there. Spotify is wonderful without ads and it's honestly the best app to listen to music.
Emmanuel A. Simon
TV: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, AppleTV+ (Lasso & See),RakutenViki (Dramas), Paramount+ (SealTeam), Apple One (fitness+, Music, Storage, Arcade, TV), Google One Amazon Prime, Amazon Photos 1Password, Setapp, Medium Youtube (so kids dont see unpredictable inappropriate ads) Spotify Xano, Bildr,Jarvis,BTMM, Djay, Tappity, CodingAcademy, Buildbox, GameMakerStudio ..and contemplating http://span.health. Does rent, car lease, ISP, lawn care count?
Deep Dave
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Michael Silber
Too many 😬 The few I haven't seen anyone else post 1. YESPLZ Coffee - a fantastic coffee subscription if you already know that you like medium roasts 2. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - it gives me a chance to try a bunch of different indie games in addition to the AAA titles I play 3. Sprout - it's hard to remember stuff when you don't sleep, so this app is really useful for keeping track of things, as well as doing the mental math and trend tracking as it relates to naps and feeding
Delphine Emenyonu
so many. 1. Netflix 2.Amazon 3.Spotify 4.Norton VPN 5.Disney plus loads more i am sure, but not very easy to see on banking statement. Thats why i am building a new fintech called ScribePay which sole purpose it give better visibility and control of subcriptions.
Keren Brickman
Spotify and the New York Times Crossword!
I use Qinaps- the notetaking tool I use for content batching for my startup
Kunal Mishra
Right now only: 1. Instapaper 2. Hostinger
Archisman Das
1. Netflix - I had to take up one as I got FOMOed into Narcos 2. Superhuman - I loved mailboxapp. Superhuman came across as a powerful alternative. 3. Lenny's Newsletter - This was the first time I paid for a digital content online. Also, the first time I became a proactive member of an online community. Since then I have gifted Lenny's Newsletter subscription to 2-3 more folks. 4. Amazon Prime - who doesn't love free and fast shipping 5. Hey - I see the irony here. I was tired of the spam on my personal id. Hey provided a smart way of removing noise from a personal email id and I signed up and then kept it. I do think I could achieve the same with superhuman now but it is painful moving personal email ids.