What social media platforms do you use for your business marketing ?

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I have heard lately that Instagram reels with TikTok drive massive traffic, do you use it? and do you believe that businesses should?


Owen Fay
As someone who uses social media for my job and views a decent amount of content, I can tell you that TikTok and reels can drive a ton of traffic. From what I've seen there aren't too many successful TikTok or reels campaigns from businesses. The ones that do have success with reels and TikTok don't talk about their business much and take more of a comedy approach to their videos. Take Duolingo for example, they're huge on TikTok but almost none of their content is about what they actually do. Their successful videos are jokes, dances, or non-business related. When they do post content that has to do with their products they do much worse.
Kate Kurshina
@owen_fay Hi! I agree with you that TikTok is a great social network for promotion and free traffic. And even tech startups and companies can get the right users. The only thing that comes out labor-intensive is that our company has one SMM-specialist for all social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram, Facebook). If you post videos 1-2 times a week, do you think the TikTok algorithms will still promote them?
Owen Fay
@katerina_kurshina I'm not overly familiar with how their algorithm works but as far as I know the more active you are on TikTok the more they will promote your videos. I think it takes a lot of trial and error to find the content that gets engagement just like any other platform.
@owen_fay Wow, that's a great point of view, I will have to check them out then ! Yes I guess business staff don't get really popular there. However, it is always great to have a sense of business humor and try to promote your business in an indirect way.
Rich Watson
Twitter & Stocktwits mostly. We utilize their API's to auto post a lot of content from our Discord server
@richw That's really great to hear. I will have to take a look at stockwits. Thanks for your comment.
Gurpinder Singh
Mostly its LinkedIn and Instagram right now, where we focus on text posts for LinkedIn and Reels for Instagram.
Brenna Donoghue
@gurpinder_singh Are you advertising on LinkedIn? Have you seen an ad performance declines? I haven't done any paid content on LinkedIn in about a year, but I've heard some people saying they are finding it harder to generate a healthy CTR from LinkedIn. Any tips?
Clinton Lowell
According to a Business marketing point of view Discord, and Twitter is best. As indicated by a concentrate by the Content Marketing Institute, 83% of B2B advertisers are involving online entertainment as a substance promoting tactic.1 With a constantly developing scene of channels used to disperse content, how would you conclude which ones are ideal for your business? While B2B advertisers actually see email as the main stage to in general satisfied showcasing achievement, LinkedIn positions are higher than any remaining social stages, trailed by YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.
@clinton_lowell well, that's a great point, after all, if your business is b2b, you would probably focus on the platform that could help you generate qualified leads. rather then just having traffic and no one will buy from you. Thank you for sharing.
Qudsia Ali
We use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter.
Katya Veremeichik
@qudsia_ali please, tell us more about Quora. Is it still working? Cus I'm constantly under the impression most of the questions are like a year old there
Brenna Donoghue
@qudsia_ali @sarita_rita Are you advertising on Medium, or using it as your blog?
Qudsia Ali
@katyaveremeichik Yes, it is. But you must search with the relevant keywords for your niche and find excellent and latest content there.
Amelia Charlie
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
Renly Borris
@amelia_charlie Does Facebook marketing still worth it?
Alexandra Mashnina
Hi! Instagram (stories, reels, post), Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedln and start working with Youtube Short
Moore Ben
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Iya Mendoza
We use tons like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tiktok. But even though we're quite active in all these platforms, it all falls down with the effective marketing use. Right now, our website Instant Logo Design (http://instantlogodesign.com/) were focusing on a single platform first, and doing the trial-and-error process to see which strategies works better, and which ones should we not waste time on
@iyamendoza01 Thank you for sharing your website. I find it useful if we only focus on a few platforms that bring us qualified leads.
Instagram is my go to social media platform! As I am a performing Musician it has helped me reach the right audience and given me a platform to show case my talents! Most of my shows and collaborations come from Social media! Youtube helps too, but for longer videos!
Benny Joseph
We use Facebook and Twiiter to promote our FIFA World Cup live blog: https://www.wolvesbite.com/seneg...
Shiva Creation
To Promot the Blog I mainly use Facebook, twitter etc social media https://fifafootballworldcup.live/