What small change had the biggest impact on your growth ?

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Making substantial changes to your routine and process can often seem intimidating. but, often It's the small things that make the biggest difference. What such small change did you make which turned out to give you an impressive boost to your growth ? It could be something that contributed towards your growth as a techie, product maker or just as a person.


Nice one @chandan_shopify Willingness to learn and being committed to it, are surely the most essential forces to drive all types of growth.
Mayank Gupta
Finding out my time of ultimate productivity and planning it perfectly in my schedule for work. Using a diary to jot down my everyday work and ticking them off as I complete it. Sense of accomplishing. Taking short breaks often. Asking questions.
Prateek Mathur
No procrastination. just doing the work and being unafraid of failure.
A+ for the part about failure @prateek_mathur . That is something that we all need to come to terms with. Failure is often unavoidable...so prepare, be brave and go ahead.
Daniel Kyne
One small change (not in behaviour, but startup mindset) was in our how I thought about a startup's value proposition. We spent about about 1 year doing interviews with target users to craft the right value prop but it never fully landed at any stage. Ended up getting target users to stack rank a list of problem statements (which included a few that our value prop tackled) and within 2 hours saw that our target problem was ranking pretty much dead last in a list of 40+ problems. Learned more in one evening than a whole year... That experiment really made me re-think what customer discovery, idea validation and problem/solution fit are.
That's a really valuable lesson @daniel_kyne , and thanks a lot for sharing it . A majority of us are too narrowly focused on our own product and often forget that the aim of making the product is to solve the problems of others. Thanks again for sharing this insightful and helpful experience.
Asif Kamal
being humble and acknowledging my own mistakes, learning from them
Sreekanth PM
spending at least 3 hours on reading daily.