What skill made you a better maker? And how did you acquire it?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Matthew Browne
Humility, by far - I started my first company after leaving a high paying corporate job thinking I knew it all and that the journey would be easy. It took 6 months of hard lessons to realise I needed to change and to have any chance of building a successfuly business I needed to shake off all of my corporate ego and listen to the customer, build new connections and grow into my newly chosen path.
Adiraj Gupta
Empathy & Listening - just being able to really really pay attention to people's wants and needs and to turn that into product things. How did I acquire it? Sadly by failing to pay attention to detail in a past situation which forced me to understand what I was missing and making an active effort to correct it.
David Hauser
Four years ago, after unsuccessfully spending many thousands of euros paying developers, without having a clue of software development, I bought two 10USD Web development courses on Udemy. The hard part was finishing a total of 80+h of content. Best investment I have ever made. Helped me land a job as a mobile developer, then my next job in a product manager role and now running a startup, having a solid programming foundation, has proven invaluable.
Matthew Browne
@daavidhauser Definitely the one skill I wish I invested more time in, I got to a basic level with a couple of languages but never had the discipline to grind at it.
Chris Dancy
Self logging. Logged myself.
Jamie McCue
CSS made me a better maker. I acquired it by viewing source.
Hardwork: It makes you want to achive more and push your limits
David J. Kim
I'd say organization. I'd say it's often not talked about too much. I mostly hear advice on determination and coachability. Those are necessary as well, but I'd add organization. but I used to have a cluttered inbox and didn't really plan my day well. The difference in what you get done with proper organization is huge.
Shoaib Afridi
Empathy. To place yourself into your customers shoes and envision all of their hardships trying to alleviate them.
Learning and persevering. Acquired it by believing that I can do it too.
Wilhelm Rahn
Tidying up data. Obsessively organizing incoming data and research for fun. Sometimes, it isn't the best use of time. But when you get something big from it = huge win. It doesn't always work, especially at first. But when you are able to replicate wins, that's when you delve into "why" it works when it does. It's a broad topic for sure, would love to discuss it with you @5harath
Sheiryl Jose
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Khaled Abou El-Atta
UX Design and UI design especially in e-commerce field
Sunil Vasisht
Listen before talk Give before get Never stop learning I think these pretty much sums it up
keeping tab on small goals that was set and achieved those in the stipulated time.
Aaron Waelchi
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Pallavi Khanna
Slightly personal story of tackling & acquiring - For me, it’s the ability to take criticism. This is something I’ve been working on, getting better at, BUT I’m still not quite there yet. What caused me to get overly defensive is a micromanager combined with a slightly toxic workplace. There was no room for error in there, and lots and lots of finger pointing. Sometimes I had to bear the brunt of my manager’s mistakes, that she didn’t own up to because of her own personal issues. I didn’t realise how bad it was until I started building Ricotta. I am tackling it through regular therapy.