What's your productivity mantra?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Stefan Smiljkovic
Visionary of Automatio.co
Just do it!
Anil Meena
Building Pensil
Make a list, prioritize them, just do it the first 3 or 4 in the shortest amount of time & nonstop... then iterate & improve.. Basically as @stefan_smiljkovic said "just do it"
Alireza Ahmadi
Web Developer
First, do it, then do it right, then do it better.
Jose Puga
Co-Founder @ https://imaginario.ai
Do it, make mistakes, learn fast, tweak and do it once more… like this until you master it. Be humble enough to learn from others and to reflect about what you did wrong.
Engineer. Entrepreneur.
It's ok to be imperfect but it's not ok to be unproductive.
Arron Fornasetti
Very early
Think. Plan. Execute. Take the necessary time for the first two steps, but do the third right away.
Emmanuel Lefort
Building the Shazam for your Thoughts
Done is better than perfect.
Amarnath Nagula
APM at Startupmill.co
Listening to binaural beats while sitting on my work desk and starting my work. Listening to those beats has really helped me to direct my focus towards my work/task at hand. As a result, my productivity levels have gone up. :)
Business Analyst in Leamington Spa UK.
Being successful is difficult. Being unsuccessful is difficult. Choose Your Difficult. ^ The quote that is pinned on my Notion dashboard/planner.
Vian Trinh
CGO @ FoxEcom
Test. Learn. Repeat! :)
Nidhish Tulsiani
Co-founder at OURS
Start with the most important thing on your to-do, especially if you want to do it least! There's plenty of time for creativity and tasks we enjoy. However the quick and regimented smaller stuff on a daily basis can have a beautiful compounding effect down the line.
Jenny Ralli
One thing at a time. :*
Alina Ihnatiuk
Social Media Marketing 🇺🇦 - 🇵🇱 - 🇷🇺 - 🇺🇸
Achieve Small Goals Every Day
Ira GI
Technology girl, software development
Establish Ritualistic Habits
Tejas Gawande
⚡️ Curating the best PH apps @ top30.app
Unproductivity: Life is a lot more complex than just being productive every day. As human beings, we inherently optimize for happiness. Just being productive is not going to get us there. You can do more, be better, be happier without distilling it to an endless pursuit of daily output. Perhaps the right way to look at what you do is at a longer time scale - months or even years. Systems that run at "peak efficiency" break, like COVID has shown to our supply chains. There is a need for "slack", scope for decompression. Learnt this from @aviralbhat. Here: https://ajuniorvc.com/explainers...
Soham Sharma
Community Lead @ Prowess
Listen to soft songs and work till I get bored. I keep my desk filled with present day's tasks. This helps me to stay focused on present and I ensure to complete the task on the same day.
Victor David
Tech, drums, doggies, coffee by the kilo
I don’t have one, at least not consciously. I get things done by doing them. I make a plan and execute it, although imperfectly. Then I look at what needs to be improved and improve it. I frequently use lists / spreadsheets to keep track of items. I put little x’s in boxes; they’re always red.
Marketer at ReSkript
Make to-do list, prioritize tasks, focus on important and remove distractions, have breaks, reward myself for work done