What's your most preferred login method?

Pritam Nanda
58 replies
We would love to have your opinion about sign-in / sign-up pages. Findz currently supports login via Apple, Google or Email. However, we have been hearing our users say they would rather just use their phone number for the login and not have to tie the account up with their device or social login. What do you think?


ankita singh
It's always google/apple id
Pritam Nanda
@ankita_singh14 Thanks for your response. I use Apple and Google login on most cases as well. The case with Findz is that even though you login with Google, you will still need to authenticate your phone number (as you can invite people from your phone's contact list to join your groups). So, we are planing to move to a 'phone number only' login.
Dawn Veltri
This is interesting to me! I have never seen a phone number login and I don't think I would use it, because it seems more personal than an email. How does it not tie you to your device? Phone number is a common identifier.
Pritam Nanda
@dawn_veltri1 A phone number login is one where you get an OTP on your phone to authenticate and login to your account. But that is not a very common process. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂
Dawn Veltri
@pritam_nanda92 Oh, I guess I have done this! I was confused. Not my favorite sign-in process but does seem more secure.
Simeon Ivanov
Google, but honestly, no login whenever possible :P
Pritam Nanda
@simeonatswayde I agree that there shouldn't be a login just for the sake of it.
Simeon Ivanov
@pritam_nanda92 Lately using any web based platform even with google has become some MFA nightmare which leads me to think and probably a product like this would gather a lot of traction would be just to rethink the authentication process in general, probably have a fourth option in your poll. :)
Email ID seems less invading I find on a personal perspective
The most of the time I used Google to save time. Otherwise, I use my google account.
Shrutika More
Hi @pritam_nanda92 mine is google because it is quick, easy more convenient
Pritam Nanda
@shrutika_more Yes. I agree that Google is super convenient and fast. Thanks for sharing your views here. 🙂
Ramon Devils
I would more like and prefer Email or Google ID. Gmail is quite quick. I don't think I would use it, because it seems more personal than an email. Phone number is a common identifier.
Pritam Nanda
@ramon_devils Thank you for helping us in our survey. 🙂
Pritam Nanda
@iryna_hanchevska Yes. We are all used to signing in with Google. Thanks for helping us in our survey.
Roman Vorozhtsov
It would be cool to make all the options!
Pritam Nanda
@roman_vorozhtsov Thanks for sharing your views 🙂
Kim Stanfield
I've never thought of a phone number 🤔 Thinking I would be more apprehensive about using it unless for e-commerce purchase. Google has always been my preferred, and don't have to remember another password. :)
Pritam Nanda
@kim_stanfield Thanks for that detailed explanation. Just a follow-up question. How would you prefer to login on a social app(an app where you can invite your contacts to hang out or discuss on cool things that you find together)?
Daniel Illenberger
I also really like web3 wallet connect logins.
Kat Robinson
One-click Gmail all the way
Pritam Nanda
@kat_robinson Thanks for sharing your preference. 🙂
Kamran Ali
Mine is google because it is quick, easy more convenient I use it many time for The vlogging tech
Sebastian Herd
For me, it depends a lot on the context. Am I signing up for a tool that I'm seriously considering? Then definitely via Google. If I just want to explore something, then via email or something else.. :)
Pritam Nanda
@sehebel Thanks for being honest here. We are all skeptical before sharing any personal details on a new website/app
Jacob Engels
We are launching Paperless today and noticed most people signed up through Google! Would love to get your feedback as well 🚀
Pritam Nanda
@jacob_engels Thanks for sharing about Paperless.io. Good luck on your launch. I have supported it with an upvote. We are launching Findz soon. You can take a preview here: www.producthunt.com/upcoming/findz
Christian C
prefer email or gmail and possibly 2FA via email
Pritam Nanda
@chriscarex 2FA is definitely more secure. Thanks for sharing your perspective 🙂
Saqib Ali
Login via google/apple accounts is way more convenient than by any other means.
Kim Stanfield
mmm that's a good question.... I think still a social login. I hope that helps. :)
Pritam Nanda
@kim_stanfield Thanks for helping us in our survey 🙂
Ashit Vora
Login with Google is the first thing I use.
Pritam Nanda
@ashitvora Yes. Almost everyone finds Google login convenient. Thanks for your response. 🙂
Prachi Yadav
I always prefer Google because it is fast, simple, and convenient @pritam_nanda92
Pritam Nanda
@prachi_yadav20 Thank you for your feedback. 🙂