What's your Monday Motivation?

ankita singh
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Mine? In the comments ;-p


ankita singh
I can relax atleast for few hours, as I have automated all the Reports I was suppose to send via Emails. You can do it too using Boltic, it takes less than a minute to perform the whole step.
Qudsia Ali
Coffee is my biggest motivation for Mondays. And also the chocolates we get on our desks on Monday.
Inam from Outgrow
Writing mails for the completed project. That's it!!
Gideon Oni-Becsen
We applied for YC S22. Our application was great; we were reviewed and helped by Stripe. I'm truly not sure we'll get selected, but still, I'm motivated more than ever to make this startup work out and make it into YC!
Maxwell Davis
My Trello board(s) with all of the amazing things that I've got to do!
Bolaji Anifowose
I listen to multiple podcasts.
Philipp Karetov
Faces of my teammates, texts and feedback from our app community 🖤🤍
Philipp Karetov
@ankita_singh14 can't really call my work a ’work‘, rather a play. Maybe it's my inner Alan Watts' words :3 We did a collaboration with Mark, a son of Alan, last year.
Cris Barbs
Looking forward to loooooooooong weekend.
My motivation is another interesting challenges.
Nik Hazell
Sam Manasyan
fix the things, that went wrong on Friday >>> :D