What's your favourite app for voice conversations?

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In the comments, please let me know the biggest limitation of your favourite app. E.g. both people need to be signed up for the same app to use it.


Personally I love Discord, but the sound quality is pretty glitchy.
Jake Thompson
I hate Zoom, I only use it for professional work meetings.
@rosie_higgins_grapevine what is Grapevine? I've never heard of it!
Rosie Higgins
@localstudent it's the platform I'm building :) https://thegrapevine.tech/ you can chat and collaborate in a 3D space with spatial audio, and you can build your own custom 3D space in our space builder. The audio quality is pretty good too! :D
@tiagorbf @maxwellcdavis can you tell me more about what that is?
@maxwellcdavis @localstudent It's a platform that allows you to create your own virtual offices based on your slack workspace. You can check it out at: https://indieoffices.com
@maxwellcdavis @tiagorbf that's so cool! Did you build this?
Ninad Sail
I used Discord, Slack, Zoom, Google Meet & Teams for official purpose.
Ali Muhammad
Personally I like zoom and slack but don't wanna rush my working space so prefer to use my whats-app
Emma Foster
I use whatsapp application for voice conversation but for offical I use Google meet.
Ramon Devils
I personally use skype and WhatsApp for voice conversations. https://bit.ly/3FWKKgj