What's your favorite thing to do while in a lockdown?

Richard Fang
21 replies
This could be those who are currently in one or have been in a lockdown before. Any suggestion counts!


Richard Fang
@lucie_l Haha I wish I actually like wine more! I'm one of the weirder ones that prefer white over red 😂
Linda Liepa
For me, it would be groceries delivery! Indeed, you don't have to be in lockdown to do it, but ordering groceries when I was self-isolated without any other choice to shop had its own charm as I was checking by the window if a delivery man is coming that makes you feel like a child that waits for parents to come back from shop :D Especially when you order food for a week, you usually won't carry it all to the fourth floor in an apartment building without an elevator.
Richard Fang
@linda_liepa Funny enough lockdown has actually made me try grocery deliveries! LOL and you're right, it's actually kind of fun
Linda Liepa
@richardfliu Same for me! Before lockdown, I didn't think about grocery deliveries, but I discovered it is a quite a convenient and fun activity.
Clément Jacquelin
Gaming. Or game development. 👀
Richard Fang
@jacquelinclem Haha sounds like you're up to something!
David J. Kim
Spending more time with people I care about!
Dave Bain
3+ months & counting. Go down to the beach in the morning for a surf or swim https://twitter.com/DaveBain_au/...
Joe Nolan
Binge watching using a free VPN (www.dewvpn.com) Wonderful time!
Youri Nelson
Spend time with my 1yr old daughter! :-)
Richard Fang
@youreka Cute! That's probably the best thing you can do!
Lina Chu
Read a lot of books and working on my drawing skills
Richard Fang
@lina_chu What are some books you've been reading :)
Lina Chu
@richardfliu "The Three-Body Problem" and "Dune". Both books are fascinating!!
Reading books which question my existing beliefs has become my favorite thing to do. Enjoyed "Beginning of Infinity" & "Skin in the game" from those arenas