What's your favorite no-code website builder? And why?

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Webflow! Community support is good.
Bubble! So easy to learn.
Andrew Laurentiu
As I'm a UI designer, I use https://siter.io/ for all my projects. I can't code to use Webflow.
Dániel Marthi
Good old Wordpress :)
Saurabh Chandarana
softr.io and Carrd - as between these two, almost all use cases can be covered. Also, I like them for the pricing, ease, and myriad of nice templates.
Ovidiu Stoica
I use Potion! It's a site builder based on Notion pages. It handles most cases I need for a fast site builder. If I need more complex stuff I prefer to code it
Christian Pezzin
I usually use Wordpress.com or Tumblr.com when I need to create quick sites on the fly. Get a third level domain, all pretty much free and super quick to use. :)
Paul Schellekens
Webflow! Perfect for no-code, possibility to work with code and amazing community and tutorials for beginners.
Yves Schleich
Elementor Page Builder (https://elementor.com/) in combination with WordPress. Pretty easy to use, still endless flexible, and as it's integrated with WordPress, you can use almost every WP-Plugin.
Brian Erickson
@yves_schleich1 Elementor +1. Here's a video explaining why (and they've improved features since):
Of course this is all relative to use case, but Elementor serves a broad, non-technical audience (and technical!).
Avinash Bajaj
website builder is Webflow. if it's a complex SaaS app, Bubble for me.
Vick Vahram Antonyan
SOFTR.IO! 🔥Just give it a try you won't regret!
Andrei Petrik
Wordpress for content and small business (non-transactional) sites. Shopify for ecommerce. I also use page builders if I feel like I'm too restricted by CMS or platform. Shogun for ecomm Unbounce for LPs on Wordpress Divi for Wordpress This is biased, but going to use Vev to replace pretty much all page builders mentioned above.
Bill Rice
Notion + Super.so - Quick and easy, custom domain, and notion is the backend of most of my business and content processes. So, pushing content to the web becomes a drag and drop exercise to the appropriate workspace.
Matt Safaii
WEBFLOW! -Easy to use -Clean UI -Great community + support -Flexible and powerful platform -No headaches
christian graves
for sites... squarespace 🙌
Kelvin H.
STUDIO (studio.design)! Am part of the team building it, so may be biased 🙈 We couldn’t find the “no-code website builder” we as a bunch Japanese designers want, so got around building our own. Coming from Japan, we spend a lot of time thinking on “bigaku” (design), and translating that into focused tools, so creatives can make design adjustments visually for turning their ideas into websites. 👓For example, you can use on-screen previews to scroll through font options before committing to changes 📐You can use sliders directly on canvas to intuitively adjust margin/padding, vs clumsily with a side panel 👨‍🎨You can also jam ideas with seamless Google Docs/Figma like collaboration. Simultaneously, marketers can edit separately with a built-in CMS, while the design scales to adopt So, call me biased, but that’s my favorite no-code website builder so far 😉. Also, am excited to try out some of the other tools mentioned in this thread! Thanks so much for the recs!
Fateh Ali
https://Kitcod.com (no-code in-app community), easy to integrate just 48 hrs — that's all will take us to plan & integrate massive Social+ features in your app (Mobile & Web)