What's your favorite mid-day activity?

Richard Fang
25 replies
Been looking for some alternatives or opinions on some midday activities to help clear your head or relax. I've tried gyming but i prefer doing it in the evening.


Aaron O'Leary
It used to be gym for me, but since I got a puppy it's probably playing with him and taking him for walks!
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I like to walk around my garden and water my plants 🪴
Hope Bifulco
I like to step away from my work, put on some music, and make a healthy lunch. Paying attention to the food I'm making helps me clear my head before I return to whatever I'm working on.
Richard Fang
@hope_bifulco Yeah i've been trying to keep more fit and eat healthy. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind I reckon :)
Tea with family.
Pax Prakarsa
make my 3rd coffee ☕😋
Olivier Girardot
Sipping coffee on my balcony (this only works in Summer on warm days sadly... can't wait!)
Jack Davis
A quick 10-20 minute meditation!
Bilal Chaglani
has to be a POWER NAP!! 15 to 30 mins max, clears your mind and it feels like a fresh new start to the day.
Richard Fang
@bilal_chaglani Man i wish I could do this but I just cant get to sleep quick enough to do a power nap :/
Bilal Chaglani
@richardfliu ahh too bad. try eating a large bowl of rice for lunch. Not sure if its only me, but doing that makes me feel drowsy instantly.
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Rashika Ahuja
To read a book, even if it is for 10 mins.
Jason Wilmot
30 minute fast past walk through the woods. Cures all roadblocks.
Watching an episode of my favorite show as I have my lunch!
Süheyla Şeker
Guilty pleasure: Dancing 😊
Benoit Chambon
Boxing during 1 hour🥊🥊🥊
Edward Park
For me, it's rowing! It refreshes my mind and I go back to work with full of energy!
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