What's your definition of a non-technical founder?

David T. Kim
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When someone asks me, "Are you a technical founder?" I don't have a great answer. First, I have a degree in humanities, not CS. I've self-taught code to be able to manage products and work with developers. I also design low to mid-fidelity wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, while driving growth with marketers to hit those business metrics. What's your definition of a non-technical founder? Do you think CS degree is a must?


Alexander Borisenko
Well it depends what your responsibilities in a project are. I think if you are in charge of implementing anything tech related - then yes, you are.
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That's okay if the founder is a non-technical guy. But he must and should have management skills and so he can handle the technical guys in is team.
Shweta Vyas
If you have a idea and execution plan then not necessary to have CS degree or tech background.Implementation can be done by tech team but understanding should be with you about product,market,business strategy and customer. No rule as such mentioned anywhere in any book for becoming founder😅
David T. Kim
@shweta_vyas Although I'm not a CS background, I can still build things on my own. But that CS degree sometimes makes me self-conscious.
Haley Johnson
I don't think a CS degree is necessary but having a deep knowledge of CS (particularly in the language you'll be using), the CS landscape, and the ability to lead (and gain the respect of) a development team is necessary to call yourself a technical co-founder. I would say something like, "I'm not a technical co-founder but I taught myself to code and have effectively managed product teams before, so I have enough of the skills to get by until I find the right technical co-founder."
Nick Jessop
In my opinion, a technical founder in the software space is a co-founder who’s able to contribute production code to the project, regardless of their background/degree.
Jasper Ruijs
A non-technical founder is someone who is human-focused. So he or she is either focused on marketing or sales. A technical founder is more than often detail-oriented and product focussed. He or she doesn't need a CS degree to be able to code.
Elena Vakhromova
I think a non-technical founder is the person who can't make changes to his product himself, without the help of other specialists to write code, test and finally release the product
Geetanjali Shrivastava
ME! I've worked with tech teams for a decade now, so I can follow conversations, but I don't know any coding. I am a no-code fan, and do all my work (a lot of what you mentioned) on no-code platforms. I don't think it's the degree that decides if you're a technical or non-technical founder - it's your core skill set (however you've acquired it) and understanding of the tech world...and what you do on the team, of course!
It will work better if you have a technical co-founder, this would be a natural responsibility split. If you are doing this alone, the CS degree is not required of course, but helpful in many situations.