What's the worst advice for startups/founders, that you see being spread often as good ?

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Sometimes advices are specific to the user, and may not necessarily be a one-size-fits-all. But, very often there are wildly misleading pieces of information that circulates the web and gets into the book of 'must-do' things for startups/founders. What such piece of advice do you think is actually bad or is something that annoys you ?


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Take investor money in the early stages. We should try to get to PMF by ourselves. Then give everything to get to scale one channel by yourself. After that, investors pay 100x Don’t take money too early. Don’t take 20 000€ when you can take 2m
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The first thing as a non-tech founder is to go and find a tech founder and start working on the product. - You need to analyse the market. Run some experiments and then go about convincing good devs to join you