what's the reason or meanng behind your logo?

Nicole Ogloza
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fun answers only!


It's a planetary gear tricycle (profile image)... i'm building a W3 social media P2P marketing platform. The axle spins the center gear, which spins 3 inner gears which then turns the wheel. The platform is MeCo, the 'Me' Company and the slogan is 'mind you own business'... So with a lil pedaling on social media, you can not only market your wares discreatly, you can accept paid sponsorships marketing their wares; therefore you can also monetize it immediately... so like the gears on the bike, in one simple package, you can have many movin parts... I hope you find this fun because i do...!!
Andy Walraven
It's the carat symbol on a keyboard. It represents the tagging system for Newsrooms on our mobile app, Topico. Newsrooms are member curations of articles around an event, issue or topic of interest. Example ^CINEMANIACS is a Newsroom curation on the movies.
Qudsia Ali
It is a B with thumbs up, representing appreciation and the first character of our Product name.
The Verticalls logo simply symbolises a person in a video conference.
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
It represents the "C" in Curatora, and three colors, discover, curate, and publish.
Stephanie Totty
Real answer: gradients are hot right now and we orchestrate/flow data from one place to another. Fun answer: I really like bright colors 🤪
mariku mari
I've never understood logos that don't make any sense. The logo is the face of the company, the first thing a potential client sees. It should be made as efficiently as possible. I recently thought about changing the logo and packaging, and eventually decided to contact a design agency London so that they would do it all. The result surprised me very much, I have rarely seen such high-quality work done. Everything is done perfectly, the combination of colors, fonts, etc., it remains to collect information about the opinion of buyers.