What's the ideal landing page to gather a waiting list / early access list?

Marius Schober
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Hi, I'm wondering what an ideal landing page to test a business idea by gathering waiting list sign-ups looks like? What are the best resources I can look into? Maybe blogs or videos you can recommend? Do you have first-hand experiences? I launched a basic landing page which is linking to a Google Form. As discussions on Reddit and Facebook raised quite a big interest, only 2 of 165 visitors so far signed up. I believe there's a lot to optimize. How much information should I ask for? Only email? You can check the landing page here: http://deliverypool.eu/ Really, appreciate any feedback. 🙏


Alexey Zolotarev
hi )) a schoolbook says that it's 3 kinds of prototypes: - lending + bay button (for goods) - concierge (doing manual things that service will do) - video \ animated instruction guide how it works if I were you I would try 3rd or 2nd + 3rd Just put it on the header )))
Daniel Leal
The website looks informative but way too charge with information so maybe making it clean? Less is more sometimes.
Dawn Veltri
A Google form is a big ask. I wouldn't fill it out. I would have a simple, single field email request. You can ask for more information on the “Thank You” page or in a follow-up email. Email service providers are free to a certain point. You can quickly set one up to capture emails. This will also increase your level of trust with people that are interested. I would also simplify your heading at the top. It's very wordy. You only have a few seconds to grab attention. I would change it to "Online Shopping for the Canaries" Subheading "Your favorite shops delivered directly to your home".
Marius Schober
@dawn_veltri1 Thanks for the great feedback! I had the same feeling that the Google Form was too much. (I considered it to be a "shit test" → how many really really want it).
Mario Camús 🤓
hey @marius_schober check this platform, it shows you (and lets you build) the perfect landing page https://yep.so/ let me know if you find it useful 🤙🏼
flo merian
@marius_schober Hi Marius! Among the most helpful resources I read on building landing pages that convert: Hope it helps!