What's the best way to boost a new product?

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Today we have released a new free product, and I would like to know what's the best way you think to promote it.


Siena Romes
We use a combination of social media and paid ads. Remember to focus on SEO and your target market when making your content.
@siena_romes do you put focus on SEO by acquiring mentions in other sites?
Nabeel Amir
Start with your friends and family and ask them to share about this in their circles. Then focus on social media, try reaching relevant people and telling them about your products, post regularly to increase the reach, and then move on to paid ads. And if you have a website, then start doing SEO as well.
@nabeel_amir Do you mean to contact them through DM on Social Media telling what's the product about? How would you start doing SEO?
Samir Moussa
Launching doesn't start on the day of the launch. It happens way before. Sign up to product/founder-focused Slack groups and engage with/warm up the community. Provide value and they will provide value back you to (promotion) in return. Use your network to build a list of subscribers and reach out to them on the day. Hope that helps!