What's the best resource on how to launch properly?

Aram Movsisyan
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This is so confusing. There are debates on timing, having a hunter or not, etc. 🤷‍♂️ Please share the best resources that you think that newbs must read or watch.


Qudsia Ali
I would suggest reading the articles or reaching out to those who have recently launched their products and asking them for their suggestions and tips on this topic. I read a few stories, but I cannot find the links to those.
Fabian Maume
This is my action template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh... My most important recommendation is to go for a no-frill launch if you are an early-stage startup: https://medium.com/@fabian-maume...
Jakub Piskor
These are my favorite launch articles: https://entrepreneurlist.io/prod... . I read them before my launch and accomplished 4th product of the day.