What’s sucks about getting active and fit?

👋 Imran Razak
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Hey 👋, So I want to know more about problems you face in getting fit and active. Is the lack of motivation? If you were to do walks instead of working out and had something good to listen to would that help? What’s the problems?


Rich Watson
lack of motivation, then lack of results, which turns into more lack of motivation. i never had a problem staying fit, unlike a lot of people but still common, I had an issue putting on weight- and hitting the gym wasn't showing any exceptional results. seemed to much work for the reward that wasnt there
👋 Imran Razak
@richw What about your mental well-being? This must’ve been hard for not just you but some many others. Wouldn’t it be easier if it was about your happiness and how you feel rather than some medias way of looking It.
Rich Watson
@imran_razak Don't results make you happy?
Maxwell Davis
Motivation, Time and perceived priorities compared to other things
Isaac Yeo
To me, the things outside of working out are the hardest. Working out 4-5 days a week may be entirely invalidated if your diet and nutritional habits are not up to par. Always love me a good burger...
Qudsia Ali
Some top frustrations about getting active and fit include: struggling to find time in the busy schedule, feeling unmotivated or bored during working out, and not seeing any real results.
👋 Imran Razak
@qudsia_ali Would it help if you got something good to listen to matching your mood and it was just walking? So you don’t have to go to a gym. Fitness imo is all about you— how you feel and we live in this hyperactive world of fitness models and celebrities that you want to look like even if it makes you unhappy.
Demi Jones
lol actually getting started I would say. =)
👋 Imran Razak
@lysten_inc What would help you get started?