What's one thing you know about web3 that you think others might not know?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Joshua Dance
There are very few Web3 solutions that are 5x better than the same built with web2. Lots of promise but not where it needs to be yet. See this thread. https://mobile.twitter.com/busin...
Andrii Kpyto
It still about the people, not a technology ;)
I think web3 will have designer/branded website components. Like for example, people could have designer Twitter banners etc. If anyone makes money out of this idea, please send me my 2cents.
Emmanuel Lefort
The concept of Web3 (aka Semantic Web) is older than the internet itself I think :) I'm not banking on the full disintermediation as this is already a pretty strong feature of Web2.0. What is missing today with Web2.0 is the #unicity of assets. When we talk about Web3.0 or about ProductHunt or about the USA, we (humans) all know what we are talking about. But for the Web - these are just characters with no signification. Imagine a web where all assets are unique and connected to each other - that would start to form a gigantic network - a semantic network. What I call the #metabrain.
Tom Peel
@emmanuel_lefort1 Have you come across John Verveake's lectures on Relevance Realisation as part of his Awakening from the Meaning Crisis series? Sounds like it might be...relevant.
Abdullah Alkhareji
I’m just started to learn about web3.0. I think it’s really the future 😍
Atul Ghorpade
@aalkhareji27 Happy leaning. Any resources you can share which are helping you?
Atul Ghorpade
Don't know. Will read comments. :)
Receiving a grant for an idea in this space is easier than it seems!
Ernest Prabhakar
Per Packy’s Not Boring, the next wave of web3 adopters will either be finding more fun ways to make money, or more monetizable ways to have fun
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Gowtham G
Well it can be used to build a brokerage free stock trading platform, with zero charges at all. We are in works to build one like that, and are currently starting from a rewards based gamified savings app. Do check it out, and if its something you've been waiting for, do tell me Our upcoming page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Our site: https://finthug.wixsite.com/finthug
Alina Ihnatiuk
Web3 is a new decentralized form of the internet where users become owners. Today's internet, Web 2.0, is largely controlled by centralized players who capture much of the monetary value created on the internet.
Çağlar Bilici
The chronic interruptions that have become the norm in Web 2.0 will disappear because decentralization will enable transparent, on-demand, peer-to-peer communication. In summary, Web 3.0 means that it is aimed to bring us a fairer internet by ensuring that the individual dominates. For this reason, it is described as more “democratic”.
Rathnavel Karthi
Web3 can generally be described as a decentralized evolution of the Internet. Instead of a few providers acting as the mediators of how your interactions and daily life on the web should work, a Web3-based future would liberate your data from proprietary databases and operate without centralization via the incentive structure inherent in blockchains.
Ahmad Mostafa
i see the most solution is the permissionless of the whole financial system.
Ishwar Jha
In its simplest form, I understand #web3 web1: read web2: read / write web3: read / write / own
christian graves
we're just getting started... the creative destruction + potential are not yet completely understood by anyone ✨