What's one software tool you learned about in 2021 that's totally changed how you work?

Mike Young
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I think Loom has had a huge impact for me.


Everett Berry
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Johnny Fekete
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Github Copilot! If you're a developer, it's a gamechanger! I don't think anything had such an impact on my work since I started coding, then this tool. It reads my mind and automatically finishes my code! 🀩
Valeria Migova
Weje.io helps me to increase productivity. Now I can plan, take notes and manage working tasks in one work space, it’s really convenient πŸ‘πŸ»
Bernadette Cau
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Reveal.co !
Notion for sure! Just to have one central connected place for everyone to access info and dump in project timelines or design work has been super helpful
Mia San
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Notion definitely! I used to work on Google ecosystem a lot, which was tiring. Then my friend told me about me about Notion. Now I do everything on Notion. You should try it too.