What's one product you can't live without?

Nima Aksoy
2 replies
Name only one product, and let me know why?


Kinanti Desyanandini
Intentionally breaking the rule here hah but Notion & Todoist, hands down. - Notion 2.0 can be laggy, but it's SO powerful. I can collaborate, easily create a link to share that's responsive and beautiful, connect anything that I want (PDF? Checklist? Database? A bunch of links? Notes in general?). There's templates that helped me get started quickly, and my portfolio website literally uses Notion as a CMS. It's my go to for anything in my life that I need to document. - Todoist isn't very visual and nowadays I rely on it's GCal integration (which has made me start thinking about trying other productivity tools like Amie . In any case, I love Todoist for how easy it is to add a task - I don't have to click, I just have to write a sentence on what I want to do, when/how often, and any categories to put it in. Then I'll get a reminder when I need it — I rely on Todoist for this heavily, especially for things like that easy to forget like birthdays & maintenance chores.
Rich Maloy
My phone ;) But that's probably not what you mean. TextExpander is the single most important tool in my arsenal. I have dozens of snippets saved that type all the time, from sending out my calendar link to replying to introductions, to URLs... you name it I have a shortcut for it. It's saved me hundreds of hours of typing. https://textexpander.com/