What’s one piece of advice for creating a content calendar?

Shivi Jalota
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Vanshika Chaturvedi
I would just say one thing: be prepared, but don't be stiff! Trends change in the blink of an eye and if you see a wave taking over the internet, keep your content calendar flexible enough to be able to catch the wave!
Olha Kurinna
Always have a content backlog. You never know when and what can go wrong!
Ujjawal Sharma
Know Your Target Audience If one is crafting a welcome message for new subscribers, they will want to design a subject line, headline, and email copy that aligns with their new audience’s interests. Even the most creative and well-written content is only effective if it’s delivered to the right audience.
Adam Casole-Buchanan
Be self-referential If you have content that can act as definitions to support other content as a component to solutions to the problem you're trying to solve, reference them - creates an educational journey for the reader
Pavel Kukhnavets
Creating a content calendar requires good visualization of every step and task. That is why you need a tool that can help you track everything. For example, when using such software as GanttPRO https://ganttpro.com/, you can split any of your content projects into tasks, subtasks, and milestones. Once you do that, you can assign these tasks to your team members and set due dates and durations for each task, and subtask in part. Highly recommended to try this tool.