What's changed about your workspace since going remote/hybrid?

Paul VanZandt
8 replies
I want to hear some of the biggest changes you've experienced since moving your workspace to a more remote setting. Let me know what tools have been most accommodating!


Siena Romes
I had to get an ergonomic chair for my back, not the usual office chair!
Luka Vasic
Had to get a milion new tools haha. But yea I needed to keep myself productive with a lot of trackers.
Paul VanZandt
@luka_vasic I think everyone can relate to this! Among others, Slack has become completely irreplaceable for us.
Luka Vasic
@paul_vanzandt Love slack. Besides it since I am spending a lot more time on my computer I also found a lot more tools that can help me in my work.
Qudsia Ali
I had to purchase a lot of tools, especially a more comfortable chair, and a standing workstation. So that I can work while sitting or standing.
Paul VanZandt
@qudsia_ali I absolutely love my standing desk. Besides helping my back I think it helps my motivation as well.
Arun Pariyar
I normally go to the co-working space but still at home I had to invest in a good table and chair also a proper lamp to make sure there was good lighting for video calls.