What's better - to post articles on your personal website or open writing platform like Medium?

Ignacio Carmona
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Matthew Johnson
Personal website for sure imo. For one thing, often your content will be behind a paywall on Medium so people won't be able to see it. For another, you won't get the SEO benefits. People talk about the distribution you get from Medium - I have never really found that to be super useful. Additionally, you can always cross-post to Medium (make sure to use the import feature) after you already published on your site. It's quick and easy to set up a Wordpress blog - you can do it in an hour or two.
Fabian Maume
You can do both if you setup medium properly. If you setup medium properly the content you not there won't be counted as duplicated content. So you can use medium to distribute your content and your personal blog to build some SEO equity.