What's a phrase that could instantly uplift your day ?

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I mean the equivalent of 'school's closed today', or 'you are ProductHunt's #1 Product Of The Day' 😀


Samuli Pehkonen
"Did you notice that Flowrite is on TechCrunch?" 😄
Shiva Prabhakaran
I just launched my product today, so "you are ProductHunt's #1 Product Of The Day" is perfect. Haha.
All the best @killshiva . Zestack seems like a nice initiative to bring the entrepreneur community together. ( just fyi ,the page seems to be loading a bit slow... my 2 cents : the google pagespeed insigths score seems to be a bit low, i would suggest that you look into it asap to make the website load faster ) . Keep up the great work
Alex Goff
Success is the sum of small efforts
Justin Ahn
In-door dining is allowed again 😜
Mariam Yusuf
A simple Hi and how are you doing.
Jaga Deep
@mariamyusuf_ Hi!! How are you doing?
you're going to die one day, why are you worrying about "xyz". Just begin..
Audrey Rampon
'I brought chocolate, help yourself' 🍫 🙄 .... or am I not answering the question properly?
Aman Sanduja
Your portfolio is X% up today
Jaskiran Kaur
I think any motivation quote or praise uplifts my day and I feel good while working.
Jing Hu
No mask on tube
Nate Travis
"Here is your coffee"
Stas Voronov
"You're invited to YC" :)
takashi yamamoto
"Habit is the second nature"
Zoya Matin
"I see how much effort you've put into this, good job!"
Eivind Håverstad
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