What questions do you have about the Reddit platform?

Vivek Vardhan
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I will be having Nikola Velkovski, Co-founder & CEO of Howtizer for an AMA session. He is a reddit platform expert. So, If you have any questions, comment below and I will make sure to ask him. Cheers,


- Is there any way to recover banned accounts? - Does reddit ban IP address as well? - Can you share some insights on how to make a organic viral posts?
Brad Fusion
Where will you be hosting this AMA, and how can I attend? Will it be recorded or live?
@brad_fusion Check out Blkns.co and fill the form. You should be directed to the slack community. Cheers!
@rydensun Sent you you invite link on the email. Looking forward to welcoming you. Also, thanks for letting me know about link not working. I will fix that soon. Cheers! :)
Oksana Glukhova
How to promote product without direct links on website/blog/etc?
Vivek Vardhan
@oksana_glukhova As per Nikola, Start discussions with your target audience using tips or questions. Once conversations is ongoing, you can ask for feedback using links. The AMA session was really insightful. Give it a read at https://www.indiehackers.com/pos...