What productivity tools are you using?

Grant Oganyan
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How do you guys stay on track of your tasks? Our team is on Asana, and for personal management I try to use TickTick apps.


Adrian Topka
Now I am testing Rize ( https://rize.io ) so far, so good
Susanne Anders
ClickUp. *full stop* + Notion (of course …)
Our team is on Jira and Gmail. For personal use TickTick :) and pen and paper.
Parter Hornbuckleson
@w_j I am also use gmail. As managements of https://flyskitchen.com/best-ble... business activites is quite easy for me through gmail and the other products og Google like Google sheets, and slides.
Siena Romes
Notion and Trello. I find these two really helpful.
Qudsia Ali
Our team use Notion, sticky notes, and a to-do list on Gmail. And I use notion and pen and paper.
@qudsia_ali Qudsia, could you say more about how you use sticky notes?
We've developed Zenkit (https://zenkit.com/en/) and were able to place #1 Product of the Day for two Apps of the Zenkit Suite. https://www.producthunt.com/prod... https://www.producthunt.com/prod... As an all-in-one solution we have all the neccessary features at one place, which makes me use the apps for privately occassions, too 🙂
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
We use to have used Asana for Project Management tasks, afterwards, we built our own tool for that. Now, our team uses Trello and Snippets
Nabeel Amir
I use Notion, Lastpass and google drive.
Julius Bachmann
I am using Notion for direction alignment & documentation with the team, asana for PM and Journey for staying focused on my long-term priorities jrny.coach
Sandra Djajic
We actually built our own productivity tool - Tira. Chat, task & project management, and a calendar all in one place. I use it both during work and in my personal life.
Valeria Migova
My favourite one is weje.io. Highly recommend to try
Tetiana Nikolaieva
Our team uses Yaware TimeTracker (https://yaware.com) For example, the program helps me control the time I spend on tasks. And instead of long reflections on the text or distraction to external factors, I concentrate on the task. In addition, the program can turn on the focus mode at the right time.
Olivier Tolédano
We launched EverReady.ai (https://everready.ai/en/) to help sales people avoid CRM data entry in order to focus only on their business. Feedbacks are welcome !
Our own. We designed a productivity workspace - tira.so - where startups can communicate with the team, manage all the projects and tasks, and keep track of the schedule. All from one place. There’s no need to switch between apps. We've also got a pretty cool drag & drop feature where you can drag a task to a chat and edit it directly in the chat. We are working on launching Tira on Sep 15th.