What non-startup stress are we all carrying?

Rehan Choudhry
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I'll go first, in the last 2.5 years (since the start of the pandemic), I had three old friends pass away, lost a big consulting gig that was supposed to fund my startup, had an investor pull out at the last minute of our last round, and have bet the farm on Chptr (my startup) when I have two young kids to support with my partner. Some days that alone has been a lot to carry, before compounding it with all of the highs and lows that come with startup life. But sharing it helps. What about you? What are you carrying with you?


Cristina Imre
I would note that you mentioned many startup stress for a non-startup stress question. It's pretty hard to keep your startup separate since it consumes your life so much, especially during such critical periods. It seems you really went through a lot and I can feel you. All those points you mentioned could kick off any normal person. But you're not one of them, you are a founder. :) It's a lonely journey but a very rewarding one and you can change lives, and become that creator you always wanted to be. Putting so much at stake can alter your wisdom so make sure you're always in a good emotional state before deciding your next steps. No matter what you're dealing with thinking negatively will make it worse. But there is another bright and beautiful side and I'm cheering for you to get there soon. Maybe this helps to change the perspective a bit. https://quantumwins.life/the-qua...