What movie/event are you excited to see next?

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David J. Kim
The Suicide Squad Reboot! Looks fun and heard good things.
Ольга Шашкина
There's already a pretty big slate, movies like Bond 25 (No Time to Die) and Black Widow will be coming out,also WW 1984, Mulan, and Dune. Foreign language pictures are also always fun to anticipate too. It's cool to see just how many choices there can be in the upcoming future. Also any indies you know of that are coming in 2020 that more people should know about? greatpeople me
Mitchell Orme
@new_user_236e36a5d5e74 Really keen on Bond 25, especially given Phoebe Waller-Bridge has had influence with the script!
Jake Crump
Definitely Dune. I'm a very big fan of Denis Villeneuve so I'm excited to see what he does with the story.
Mitchell Orme
The new Spiderman looks amazing! Especially given the universe angle they're taking! Return of Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin
Lalit Tyagi
James Bond Series next one ,Suicide squad one too
Hyped for Spiderman No Way Home since we get to see the old villains and the multiverse in action!!
Movie I'm looking forward to that I'll probably see next is 'No time to die' After that it will be Eternals & The Kingsman. Though 'No way Home looks good as does Dune. Lots of good films coming out over the next few months which I'm excited for 😁
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