What makes me think I can trust web designers with my website?

Donald Dude
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The process of choosing a web designer is becoming increasingly complex over the years. Aside from the fast-growing population of freelance web designers and web design agencies, the very discipline of web design is rapidly evolving due to changing user expectations and web design trends. What do you think are some qualities one should look into before hiring a web designer?


The mastery of new solutions, the knowledge of the best solution. but above all the understanding of customer needs and the future growth of its activity on the net
Coming from a designer's perspective, my two cents would be to get someone who understands how to layout information. A stylish design does not always mean that your website visitor's goals are met, or that someone can easily do what they came to do. So make sure they understand good design (how something should look) as well as good layout of information. (how easy it is to use and find things).
Donald Dude
@dcodes Yes, I do agree with you. Most of the time, a simple but easy to accessible (to work on) design is liked by the people rather than a stylish and complicated one.
Sherrill Webb
By reading their reviews, it will help you a lot in trusting them. I also use to read reviews of website designers before hiring them. You can also visit MasterBundles here if you want to choose a website design according to your requirements. Mostly, I visit there because over there I can easily find designs for my website and I don't have to stay dependent on website designers.
Ayush Shakya
Is he/she a problem solver? does he/she asks about your pain points, your goals and objectives behind your product first?
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