What makes it so difficult to build a strong corporate culture and convince people to follow?

Qudsia Ali
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Your business benefits from the inside out when there is robust and coherent company culture. Employees favor working for organizations with strong cultures and a clear set of uplifting principles. But the challenging part is creating such a culture. What should corporations do in this manner?


Daniel Engels
There is a very delicate balance. If you insist on corporate culture too much, people might feel constrained.
Qudsia Ali
@daniel_engels Yes, I agree. Then how can we convince them to follow the culture?
@qudsia_ali I think, if the purpose to follow a culture is well communicated, half of the work is done here. Also, culture and ethics are one of those things, whose purpose are self explanatory and should come from within.
Lack of clear sense of clarity about oneself and unwritten expectations based on assumptions that employees would know about yourself and company, makes it extremely difficult. Cultural set values and rules works like religious book. Have it written well in advance so that it can guide you and employees. I have done it well in advance and written it on website so that it not only guides me but also the team. Either I win the game or not, but it has been giving me clear sense of clarity and guides me what must be done and what must not be done. Written culture will help you hire and fire fast because it will clearify what is expected from team and what can team expect from company.
Qudsia Ali
@pintubecom Lack of clear communication, policies, goals and accountability are the biggest hurdle in building a strong organizational culture.
Muhammad Awais
Me, I think there are some points which make the difficulty Lack of communication. Lack of accountability. Poor talent retention and development.
Qudsia Ali
@muhammad_awais9 I agree; all of these are the signs of a weak organizational culture. And the first step in building a strong corporate culture is clear communication across the organization.
I agree with all comments. I would add that a lack of consistency between a company's culture, vision, values and its daily decisions or strategies, makes it harder to follow. This balance is difficult to reach when teams grow exponentially.
Joanne Hurley
I think it's been touched on already here, but, if you don't 'walk the walk' ie whoever is setting the culture or is supposed to be leading by example for the culture of the organisation, when they fail to live up to that, the hypocrisy can really eat away at people. Especially if its in sharp contrast.
Bhavna Singh
Building the strong corporate culture is not an easy task and to make them follow is even more difficult but I have few points to mention which might help according to me: 1. making people believe that their say in the company matters 2.making them feel more associate with company and the rules 3. ask the employees for the rule which they believe and implement them, this creates the impression on the employees that the rules are governed by them and accordingly. these are few points which can make some difference. Please let me know what you think about this @qudsia_ali
Maya Ben Zid
On the top of my head: lack of big-picture vision, high employee turn-over (it's hard to build something when knowledge holders come and go), no focus on the corporate culture (it just gets lost in the whirlwind of daily to-dos), poor communication training among managers and employees. There could be many factors but I've seen those above run corporate cultures into the ground.