What makes a decent Western Saddle?

Best Western Saddle
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Decent Western Saddle A best western saddle has thick, supple leather that bends easily but doesn't crack when you bend it. When evaluating a saddle's quality, check to see if the stirrup leathers are stitched on or riveted (the latter is a good sign). Take time to examine the stitching, particularly around the heel and cantle. Quality Western saddles are made with heavy, durable leather. When shopping for a good saddle, be sure to check the quality of the leather. The best western saddle is the one that feels the most comfortable on your horse, while providing security and support. A quality Western saddle uses high-quality materials and construction to provide a solid seat, with plenty of room for you and your horse. As with all saddles, look for good-quality materials, firm padding and strong stitching. A good saddle is built to last and be used not only by you but by the next generation of riders. It should have quality materials that are long lasting, flexible and comfortable. Quality leather is the most important feature of a saddle. A good western saddle will be made of full- or half-leather, which means that the entire saddle or half of it is made of leather. Check Also: How to measure a Horse Saddle | Different types of Horse Saddles
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