What kind of tips do you need to build successful product?

Karol Piwowarczyk
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Hi! I'm curious what do you need the most (what type of content or data) to build or develop your digital product? Tips about growth, marketing? Or maybe some tips that will develop you as a creator are the most important ones? (productivity, time-management etc.)


I would scythe most important skill as I found is timing. You need to be able to do every process in such way that the next process is ready to begin right after. Sometimes you prepare something and the other processes are not completed, so the one you had already done is waiting, but possibly by the time you are ready to actually execute your plan is no longer appropriate or relevant with the newer circumstances.
Qudsia Ali
As I've learned more about the world of entrepreneurship, it seems increasingly clear to me that research before building a product and gaining an initial audience is the most important step on the road to success. And we need more tips and tricks on this to ensure the success of our product.
The biggest tip, in my opinion, would be to develop a product that responds to a growing need from a large group of people, but not yet available that the competitive landscape is too high... basically finding that sweet spot between innovation, supply and demand. Detachment is the best remedy so you can pivot easily based on your user research and interactions.
Fernando Pessagno
Validate early. Create a prototype of your product and test it with potential customers to get feedback.