What is your product, why are you building it, for who and interesting insights you have gathered?

Nicole Ogloza
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Just looking for cool stuff and giving feedback. open to it all!!!


Emelie Hebert Poulin
Hi Nicole, thanks for asking this question! I did not start building a product yet but I have a few ideas in mind and I would love to have feeback on one of them. :) - App curated for social entrepreneurs to help them get from the idea stage to launch and have more impact in the world. I would like to build this tool to simplify the full business creation path for people with great ideas but no/or little business knowledge. My doubts about this project: ā€¢ Is this a real problem that futur social entrepreneurs face? (I think yes because I have faced this problem but I'm not sure about others) ā€¢ Is the value proposition clear enough or is the product idea to complicated ā€¢ Is an app the right product or would a SaaS be better? Here are a few other product ideas: 1. A user testing SaaS curated for social entreprises 2. An app to help social entreprises mesure their social and environemental impact 3. An app to help women advocate for themselves with health professionals (aim to reduce the health gap for women) For all of those ideas, I have not gathered a lot of information except: - I've researched and compiled the main challenges social entrepreneurs face. - I've tested similar tools available to generate ideas (for the social entrepreneurs product ideas) - Ive collected primary user research (surve from 100 women to learn more about their experience in the health space. Any who, I am not sure what idea to start, if any. What do you think?
Nicole Ogloza
@emelie_hebert_poulin The best way is to just tell yourself is to jump right into things! Fear of failure is nothing. Sit with that fear and make it your own. The best startups come from just failing fast and really getting things out there. Talk to a lot of people!!!! if it's entrepreneurs your targeting, I would try and network to find a really advanced or successful entrepreneur to partner with you (like a mentor). Our mentor pushes us to do more and to do better. I would also go through @producthunt and find all the REALLY valuable tools that help in multiple areas of businesses, partner with some markers, and create a netowrk of tools and checklists to help in these areas. The more work you put in will make you obsessed, but it does take a lot of time to be REALLY serious!
Samir Moussa
Great post Nicole! We are building rebank (www.rebanknow.com) for startup founders and finance teams. We believe founders should spend more time on business and less time on finance admin. So far it's been listening to customer feedback and iterating. You only get so far building a product before you realise customers won't come without you reaching out in some way. We've done content marketing, community development, engineering as marketing, etc. and still learning what the best channel is. Honest advice, true value and down-to-earth conversations with the target audience are the way to go to build out the brand and get noticed. Oh and always keep shipping! šŸ“¦šŸš¢šŸš€
Nicole Ogloza
@samir_moussa Awesome!!! Thanks for that! congrats on the product. Have you already launched?!?!?
Samir Moussa
@nicole_ogloza We haven't launched our main product on PH yet but have launched our accompanying Slack app! https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Solomon Eseme
I'm building Contentre, the app that runs your freelance writing business. I write for many companies, different topics, industries, and types of content, I couldn't keep track or streamline my content across my clients when I need them as samples to get more companies. So I built Contentre. www.contentre.io It helps freelance writers (content creators) organize their content, manage clients, create multiple portfolios, discover new opportunities, and lots more, all in one place. I'm new here and need friends too.