What is your personal hack to fix your mood when you are in a block?

Tasnuva Ashraf Umama
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Funny cartoons clear my head literally
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- Take a walk - Watch a sitcom episode - Talk to a friend - Read my kindle highlights or chapter.
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I've made myself a folder of screenshots with nice words people have said to me or about my projects. I get shy when reading them but often reminds me of the good things and helps to pull me out of a funk
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Taking a walk listening to music always gives me fresh perspective!
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Meditation for 10+ minutes + nature walk does wonders. But if I feel that I'm experiencing mental blocks too much lately I take a break.
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Getting outside for a day. Separating myself from the work helps me come back refreshed
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Yea, it'd be great to know how long it takes to fix a mood too!