What is your opinion on Subscription based product?

Satadal Mazumdar
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I really think subscription-based products are the best revenue model than the one-time payment model.


Stefan Morris
I think it really depends on the product. My project is also subscription-based, however, it is a SAAS (software as a service), which lends itself well to subscription (i think). If it were a distributed product, where customers downloaded a copy and installed it on their own machine, I would then consider a one-time payment model.
@stefan_morris yeah totally depends on the type of the product and the business model. BTW we are launching today in PH, too nervous XD
I think that many developers, tech companies, and startups have understood, that subscription-based product is one of the only ways to ensure a stable flow of money. We also made our product subscription-based.
Alexander Thiele
We had an internal discussion on one-time payments vs subscriptions. We are also pro subscriptions, here is why: With a one-time-purchases, the user buys the app in the current state, but in the background, there are still server costs over the next few years and of course all further development costs. With an annual subscription, the user buys the app and covers all updates and costs for the next period. You can continue to develop the app over the next years and implement more and better features and also cover all costs. You usually try to offer the subscription not too expensive and also only in a way that everyone has to buy it.
@athiele_ Definitely, I think subscriptions are the way to go for the app/tools that have maintenance cost.
Matthew Paul
Subscription based product definitely gives you a steady flow of income since its recurring. - With subscription based model you can have the users coming back to you, listening to you and be in touch with you in one or the other way like having tractions or engagements to your website unlike the one time payment, Where sometimes user tends to forget they had bought one in sometime. - With subscription based product you can play with pricing strategy to make the user choose the plan which is profitable for the company.