What is your go-to mindfulness method or practice?

Aino Valtonen
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Hi fellow Product Hunters, I feel like mindfulness is one of the most effective ways to unwind and get your head to the right space after a long day (or in the middle of it!) Personally, I love yoga, breathing exercises and stretching. Also have tried meditation a few times :) I would like to hear your best tips and practices. What kind of mindfulness practices would you recommend? Where, when and what do you do? Do you use any apps?


Aleksi Halsas
Dont take your phone with you to toilet.
Johannes Karjula
Sauna and ice swimming. Anything without phone or computer feels mindfulness :)
Laura Partanen
@karjula I agree! Anything without phone or computer :D
Laura Partanen
Sauna, stretching, long walks, knitting etc. :)
Anu Varila
@laura_partanen I think sauna is also the best way to maintain daily conversation in a relationship :D
Venla Kärkimaa
I love to do mindfulness exercises in the evenings to wind down; light up some candles, listen to relaxing music and be still for a moment. Sauna, long walks outside or in the woods are also great ways to practice mindfulness. I use Headspace's running meditations via the Nike run club -app, which I can highly recommend!
Daniel Illenberger
Rock climbing, yoga, and daily meditation are very useful for me.
@daniel_illenberger climbing - 100% present and focused 😅
Listening to Amapiano while taking a powernap
Sini Katariina
breathing and walking outside and I listen to sleep meditations, stress relieve mindfulness programs and Voimameditaatio on Storytel or youtube
Saksham Pathak
Mostly I fail at it but still just focusing on thoughts while doing daily activities and being aware helps a lot
Stefani Kovachevska
Headspace is my forever go-to app! The noting technique and cooldowns are my favorite. I've also tried the 21 days of abundance challenge with Deepak Chopra, and to be honest, I was surprised by the positive effect since I am not quite a fan of mantras. I also do yoga occasionally, although power yoga mostly. And I've found writing exercises helpful to reflect and understand my thoughts and feelings.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I really am into journalling my thoughts. I just feel it not only helps you declutter your thoughts but also makes you aware of how you feel. Thoughts may be suppressed by more overwhelming or "louder" thoughts but when they flow through the pen on paper- you really become aware of your own emotions are are able to handle them better!
Edward G
Walking the dog without my phone. I take time to watch the dog, look at the houses, any animals, how the trees are blowing in the wind; just getting lost in that moment for the short time I'm out there. Also waking up and eating breakfast without any electronics until you're done. Preferably outside if possible. It's 30 or so minutes you can spare. You won't change the world in 30 minutes.
Taylor Kenerson
Little late here but love the 3,6,9 manifestation method by Nikola Tesla ✨