What is your form horror story?

Maksim Vakarchuk
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Do you have a time when a form you built didn't do what it was supposed to? (It can't just be me right? πŸ˜…) If you could magically solve one problem with building forms what would it be? We have been working hard on building betterform.io and are interested in hearing what is the most common issue that you had to deal with.


Maksim Vakarchuk
While working on a new project we needed a form to collect a critical leads, to prove the viability of the project, and we decided to build our own native form solution. We test many other options but they didn't give us the features that we needed so we decided the extra effort was worth the benefits. After our initial launch we had a few lead come through but it was lower than we expected, so we checked our analytics tool that was tracking events on the form. To our surprise we noticed that we had 4 times the submission that came through and after some searching it ended up being a bug that was missed during QA. Thankfully we were able to extra the data from the events but after that experience we are more aware of the danger of custom solutions and focus on finding tried and tested solutions.
Derek Duban
I once had a form break on a website I hadn't actually been developing for a few months. Then one day I mentioned website at a business mixer and turned out a handful of active investors visited the site and left comments. I found this out through word of mouth because I didn't get any of their messages. Lesson learnt: Test all forms routinely even if you haven't changed anything on the site that might have broken them. Just test always. Interesting side note: In the years since, I've sought out web design and marketing companies to hire. I'm dead serious when I tell you that 20-25% of ALL web sites had broken forms. I have since made it a policy to write or phone any company where I find a broken form, and I tell them about it. I recently wrote a PH company with a screen capture of their issue. Please people, don't just ignore broken forms when you find them. Send them a polite message another way and let them know. In conclusion, forget the form builder, make an auto-testing service.
Maksim Vakarchuk
@sclerek Thank you for your comment. I can’t give way too much, but we are planning to integrate testing into our form builder. We wanna be able to catch any issues on your site before they happen.