What is your favourite idea generation method?

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Hey, hunters! I believe that an ability to come up with new innovative ideas is essential for business growth. There are a lot of methods to generate ideas like mind mapping, brainstorming, and so on. I would like to know what methods you usually use both alone or in a team. What methods do you prefer and why?


Dawn Veltri
I use mind mapping often. It helps get my brain unstuck and usually ends up somewhere I was not expecting. I also think brainstorming is really helpful. We don't know what we don't know, and we can be too close to a problem to see solutions.
@dawn_veltri1 "usually ends up somewhere I was not expecting." a great feeling :)
Alexey Shashkov
I use fact maps. It's different from mind maps. Mind maps for structuring knowт information. Fact maps for extracting facts about the topic on paper without structuring.
There is also brainwriting to come up with ideas as a team, it gives the opportunity for every idea to be shared, then affinity diagrams to organize in categories
Joris Falter
Walking, driving, showering ... generally "away from screen time"
Maxwell Davis
Usually listening to a Podcast and then just writing notes- or quite sadly a powerpoint!
Irina Heinz
I remind myself that creative ideas arise at the intersection of seemingly irreconcilable areas. So I just try to combine the incompatible, taking some kind of premise as a starting point. Let's say we need a creative for an ad campaign for a blog in which we share insights. So the starting point for brainstorming is the visualization of the "share, uncover" idea. Then we throw in the visual images associated with this, try to combine it with the blog, and bring it all to a catchy, unexpected effect.
Jonathan Massabni
Very underrated process! Usually by categorizing ideas coming from customer feedback and competitors research. Then definitely team brainstorming these ideas and taking a step back to let it sync in
Fabian Maume
ASIT :) That is quite an unknown method but it is realy powerful: https://is.muni.cz/th/w490r/merg...
Kamila Klavíková
It depends on the problem I'm trying to solve. I usually brain dump my ideas. I don't care about where they are. Then I group them and connect them, where connection is important. For design I gather inspiration from all over the internet. I try to look at the problem from different viewpoints. I might imagine how somebody else would look at the problem. Try to mix different ideas / areas together. I'm somewhat playing with. I'm working on an app that is useful for brainstorming because you can quickly jot down your ideas and reorganize them. It's sort of an interactive whiteboard.
Daniel Leal
The "Go take a walk and think of what the world needs one" haha jokes aside I think it works, then just start talking to people about it and if you see potential in some of those thoughts go build the first version, no code tools are getting really good at helping with this.
@daniel_leal Yes, you can always learn something new from conversations with people. Thanks for sharing!
Writing and lurking Reddit.
Elena Cirera
"Attribute listing" is my favorite idea generation method. It helps me to improve the products of my company constantly.
Pritam Nanda
When it comes to generating ideas, I believe that 2 is better than 1.. and 3 is better than 2. Getting together and brainstorming through different sets of ideas is something I love doing. That is where Findz comes handy. Findz lets me effortlessly collect, sort and share ideas with friends. We then have some great meaningful conversation later. Here’s a sneak peak, if this sounds interesting! www.producthunt.com/upcoming/findz