What is your collaboration experience missing?

Paul VanZandt
3 replies
In your workplace, classroom, or beyond: what is missing from your core collaboration experience? Are there any features that you want or need?


Sergio Zaciu
More people haha! I love people and being inspired with new ideas from other creative/critical thinkers, but since we're still pre-seed I'll have to keep fighting the good fight. One day our marketing team will be full of brilliant minds. P.S. An office would be nice too so my conversations with coworkers can occur in person (not sure if every coworker would agree with that desire though!)
Paul VanZandt
@szaciu Working in person is one of many lost arts due to covid, but I still think it's a big goal to strive for! It's always great to integrate new people and new ideas into the collaborative process.
Sean Song
One tiny point I always had was: projecting a screen that I should NOT. Visiting customers, team meetings... many chances and times I need to present stuff (I use a Macbook + Apple adaptor). As a Mac user, I almost does not power of the device, so I always have many windows open. So when presentation needed, I just plug in the HDMI cable then there are many times screen shown that should not been. What I did was just to quickly un-plug the HDMI cable, adjust the display settings, then plug the cable again. That's life, ehh? :-(