What Is Your Business Goal with Digital Marketing ?

Shivi Jalota
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Ofrates Siringan
One of my strategies to increase engagement and traffic for digital marketing is to use social media. Today, social media has a significant impact on digital marketing since you can utilize it as a traffic source to advertise your compan's products and services.
Ofrates Siringan
@shivi_jalota Thank you so much Shivi. Actually, this is my year's aim for my digital marketing research and development project; we need to choose the ideal traffic source to offer our company's products and services, after which we begin to participate and/or work with everyone and share our digital marketing ideas.
Ofrates Siringan
@shivi_jalota Yah sure Shivi, Thank you very much Shivi, I will contact if I need help related to my project, stay safe and God bless!!!
Our strategy is to bring traffic and qualified leads to our site in order to generate a subscription to our trial period. We mainly use SEA and referencing on other sites such as comparators/newspapers
Mainly brand awareness to start - but will then focus on engagement and traffic
Srishty Chaudhary
Right now, brand awareness is the prime focus of digital marketing so that people know what your products/services are. This will further help in engagement and traffic once your customers like you as a brand.
Lisa Murphy
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Scott Chen
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