What is your #1 trick to boost your products sales?

Ali Aghdam
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I'm interested to know what is your #1 trick worked for you to boost sales for your products. Sharing it can help me and all the community members to make more sales.


Karol Sidorowski
Good marketing with: 1. Cool Social Media, 2. Good Branding, 2. Great Customer Service.
Rajan Soni
@carlitoone Is good branding necessary at the very start or is it something that you develop as the product matures?
Karol Sidorowski
@rajansoni It depends on what product it is. It is always worth having some good design at the beginning to attract attention.
Rajan Soni
@carlitoone lets take a b2b product for example? Does design become a make-or-break kind of thing? The reason I ask is because currently we are about 3-4 weeks away from our beta launch and am wondering whether I should get outside help for UI/UX of our app
Karol Sidorowski
@rajansoni I think design is important both in B2C and B2B. If you are designing an application, a great UI / UX is a must have! Good design and UX are not only the appearance, but also the convenience of use for users and easier achievement of the product's goals.
Samuel Briskar
I play with the design a lot, example: https://emojiz.design/
saul martin lion
engaging customer service is good for long term relations, but first you need people to use the product and find it interesting. nothing beats recommendations
@saulmartinlion We do plug-in-play 100% native outsourced english support @ https://supportllama.com focusing on startups and makers and have slowly seen the success of our team growing sales just based on great customer support alone.
Ben Patterson
I think it really depends on what your product is, but a good general answer is social content marketing By that I mean creating content around your product designed specifically for who the product benefits. If your product helps marketers write copy then communicating on Twitter tips for copy, writing, selling, etc and plugging in exactly how your product accomplishes that can really help getting new eyes on your product organically. Just depends where your audience is and then giving them content that solves major pain points for them with your product
Greg Ludvickson
Referrals. Find someone who loves your product and can be your advocate out in the world. Word of mouth is a great tool. Offer discounts and referral fees to get more people interested in telling their friends about your product. Hopefully you'll also have someone who is good at sales to close the deal when they make it to your doorstep, but a referral from a trusted source will get you a good chunk of the way there.
Mizan :)
Adding highly requested features actually boosted our sales and it's still working. :)
Alexa Vovchenko
For me it's cold calling (but I hate it)
For physical products: - Keeping an eye on my website's conversion rate. Love Shopify. - Using something like this to help me test a lot of different, profitable retargeting Facebook audiences - https://www.producthunt.com/post... - Email (especially abandoned cart email sequences) which is super easy via Klaviyo. - Using YotPo or something similar to get customer reviews and UGC. - Great customer service.
Gabe Ragland
Periodically running limited time sales for https://divjoy.com has had a huge impact. It works particularly well if you're product is a one-time cost, as people can easily rationalize buying if they see themself using it at some point in the future.
Matthew Wildrick Thomas
@gabe_ragland I wouldn't want to share how many products I've purchased using that exact logic. The amount of royalty free media assets I have accumulated and will never use...
Hey guys, it will be great if you download the App "Voolpo", and give me some feedbacks (iOS and Android). iOS => https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/vo... Android => https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Olaf Jacobson
Join a community of people who could be your users. Be careful not to start spamming your product though, be sincere and willing to help them out. By far this has worked the best for us.
Sheiryl Jose
updated online reservation sellers portal https://onlinereservation.lessan... Works well with us! Since no one wants to go outside, online transactions help us cope up during pandemic and up to now. It accelerated Philippines' consumer shift from traditional to digital activities.
Chuck Hattemer
Pick up the phone and call 25 people who fit in your target audience every day.
Mariam Gyulumyan
I would like to put here very specific cases, but being in a SaaS B2B sales, I can say that it is important to have your sales and marketing team synchronize the messaing, I mean what messages you give with ads and what messages your sales team gives during cold emails, demos, after-demo meetings, follow ups, etc. Messaging should be done according to buyer personas and for the start you can choose one buyer persona. It is important to always experiment. So it is about synchronizing marketing and sales, and always experiment and share with the team your insights.
For most of our cases, we've maken sure that we got the SoMe content and brand aligned to create credibility. Then we give our first customers a 7-star experience and doing everything we can for them. In most cases, those first customers has voluntarily been referring our service in various communities within the field, giving us the best boosts so far
Miguel Hill
Branding and knowing how to reach your target market through ads.
Amit Tank
By knowing what customer wants rather than telling what you got. This is a strategy for hacking a brain of a user to make them use the product.
Hugo P.
Awareness! Communicate about your product everywhere possible and make it visible to the world. It's not the most accountable technique but it works if you know the best channels 😉
Helga D.
If that product has a great visual potential: 1. Marketing materials made for Social Media - Canva 2. Pinterest - Daily pins, group boards, Tailwind, and so on. I've shared a post about it more detailed, maybe that helps! https://shegowandering.com/how-t...