What is the toughest challenge to build an e-commerce in your opinion? And Why?

Micky Nguyen
6 replies
Such as: - Validating customer's demand - Tech tactics - Acquiring users/sellers - UX/UI etc..


Qudsia Ali
For e-commerce, I believe marketing tactics are the most time-consuming yet necessary, and UX/UI is also crucial.
Micky Nguyen
@qudsia_ali yes! I think it takes a lot lot time, money and efforts to acquire both users and sellers
Siena Romes
Marketing. Since there are a lot of products that are the same, it's hard to convince customers what to buy.
Daniel Engels
The toughest challenge is to acquire customers. With tools like Shopify or BigCommerce, it's fairly easy to launch an eCommerce. It could be done in a day. However, building reputation and visibility is a task of a different level of complexity.
Micky Nguyen
@daniel_engels User acquisition is the biggest problem requiring to burn a lot of money and to spend lots of time
Zhen Chen
Marketing is probably most critical part of this. In general, e-commerce has a lot of more things to worry about than marketing: product searching, sourcing, inventory, storage and fulfillment. These things all add up and take away your time, especially if you start out as a single person army. Solutions that save you from the chores would be great, so you can focus on marketing.