What is the right amount of detail to showcase on LinkedIn profile?

Gurleen Kaur
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I’m keen to know what can be considered as the correct amount of data to be showcased on an Individual's LinkedIn profile. Would be great to hear some comments from the community. Thanks


Shivi Jalota
Okay treat your LinkedIn profile as a landing page for anyone who wants to know about you. Make sure you have an All star profile that is - Make sure you have a picture / cover picture / your headline/ work exp / education and skills and endorsements in place. Also make sure to fill up all the information asked in the additional information. PS: Make sure you use keywords that are relevant to your industry. Also please don't copy paste your resume - 4 points in your experience section with relevant keywords will help.
Sandra Djajic
@shivi_jalota Hopping on this comment to say that this is exactly what I think as well. When it comes to your description, try to keep it concise to who you are and what your skills are particularly. If you're specialising in an area that's more writing heavy (ie. content writing), try to make those skills apparent in your writing (ie. longer, entertaining description)