What is the % of women in your company?

Daniel Engels
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There are more and more female professionals on producthunt, although we're still extremely far from gender equality. Let's answer to this poll to get a more profound look. (Please also comment how many people are there in the organization, and if there are female cofounders)


Mohamed Hassan
We have a bout 200 people in our agency. Never cared to do the gender stats. Although I believe more than 40% of the writers and editors are females. Also the content manager (top person after the founders) is a female. If you are saying that gender equality means the company should have 50% males and 50% females, allow me to disagree with you. I believe gender equality is offering the "same" opportunity to everyone. The winner is the one who is better qualified regardless what their gender is. I would not want to miss out on a more qualified female just because of her gender, and vice versa.
Daniel Engels
@hassanoski of course, gender equality doesn't meen strict 50% M/F ratio. But it's still important to estimate the % of women, since this gives a certain undertanding of what the company life looks like.
Madeleine Lamou
100% 😂 (I'm just a one-person company)
Daniel Engels
@richw how many people are there in your company?
Qudsia Ali
We strongly believe in equal employment opportunity, but usually, more males apply for a job, so there is a higher percentage of them.
Joanne Hurley
@qudsia_ali This was also the case for the last company I worked for, both the Data Scientist Lead & Engineering Leads really wanted to balance the teams diversity, but, in the case of gender, there were much fewer applicants that were female.
Iryna Kutnyak
Our agency has 80% women working with us and a female founder (we're not biased towards men; it just happens naturally that our corporate culture is closer to women). Happy to discuss :)
Nancy Perez
We have 30% women in our office. Hi, this is Nancy...Financial Advisor in Money Accounts.