What is the hardest thing about your role at your startup?

Nicole Ogloza
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Whether you are a growth hacker, or dev or other position, would love to hear some stories about the hardest part of getting your product to market and why it is difficult to achieve. I may have a network that can help in various ways!!


Good question! The hardest thing for me is patience. We are testing our app and improving it along the way, we are not looking to go too fast too big, to ensure a good product market fit.
Nicole Ogloza
@jennifer00 Tell me about it! Patience is a virtue for sure. How do you manage patience right now? What helps you?
Siena Romes
It's research. It's very tedious. However, it's the reason why startups become successful.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
Great topic for discussion, Nicole! For me, right now, it's picking the right GTM strategy, and building a solid community around our product.
Amanda Trincher
In my opinion, maintaining control in a fast-growing startup becomes a difficult task. When the need for more and more specialists, management, customers, more and more errors or inaccuracies, the need for automation and motivation. All this is difficult. I read in the article https://www.trustshoring.com/blo... good advice on how to solve such problems, but not everyone is ready to outsource part of the work
Rich Watson
Being the a**hole that gets on people when their not meeting deadline or quality expectations
Software Guy (Aarvy)
Patience is the hardest thing for me.🥴